Palestinian Housing Rights Conference 

29 - 30 May 2011


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The First Conference on the Palestinian Housing Rights








    About LRC



Land Research Center ( LRC )

The Land Research Center ( LRC ) was established in Jerusalem in 1986 as a branch of the Arab Studies Society headed by Mr. Faisel Husaini. LRC is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit Palestinian organization whose activities cover areas in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and Gaza Strip. Donations and contributions given by individuals or organizations and joint projects with international and local organizations and institutions fund the activities of the Center.

Ever since its establishment, the Center have been conducting a number of general activities to accomplish its goals and general objectives. The Center has achieved a number of goals and is looking forward to accomplishing its future goals.


The Palestinians must have full control over their lands as they have full capability of exploiting their lands in the agricultural and residential fields in comply with the human rights and towards full sovereignty.


The protection and development of land and defending the Palestinians right of ownership of land

In order to achieve the mission statement, LRC has set the following objectives:

   Restraining the Israeli Occupation measures against land, residences, and water.
   Developing the natural and economical resources.
   Developing the local policies.
   Organizing farmers and public awareness.


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  The First Conference on the Palestinian Housing Rights   -    29-30 May 2011